At present, the only way to get access to the HTI is by sending queries to the staff:

  1. by email to
  2. by fax to Nicholas Temperley at [USA+] (217)244-4585
  3. by ordinary mail to The Hymn Tune Index, 2136 Music Building, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801, USA
  4. The HTI staff will do its best to respond to individual queries sent by email or post or fax. Please follow these guidelines if you send a query, as this will save time and trouble:

      1. Give your name, address, and any academic affiliation.

      2. If your query is about a tune, either send a copy of the music, or give the following details; tune name; text; first two lines coded as numbers.

      3. If it is about a composer, give the composer's full name and dates if possible.

      4. If it is about a book of hymns or tunes, give the full title of the book, the name of the compiler, and the place and date of publication.

    If you use the information we provide in any publication, we would appreciate an acknowledgment.

    The Index has been published by Oxford University Press in 4 volumes under the full title:

Temperley, Nicholas, assisted by Charles G. Manns and Joseph Herl. The Hymn Tune Index: A Census of English-Language Hymn Tunes in Printed Sources from 1535 to 1820. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1997.

    In due course (but not in the near future) an interface will be prepared for direct access to the database through the Internet.


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