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HTI: Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used for locations of sources. They are based on the library sigla used by the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales and in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Additional abbreviations on the same lines have been added for small libraries and private owners. For United States libraries, the National Union Catalog sigla have been added in parentheses, but these secondary abbreviations are not listed below.

A (Austria)
A-Wo Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
B (Belgium)
B-Br Brussels, Bibliothèque royale
C (Canada)
C-Ocu Ottawa, Carleton University
C-SJ St. John (New Brunswick), New Brunswick Museum
C-Tu Toronto, University of Toronto
D (Germany)
D-Gs Göttingen, Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
D-HAu Halle an der Saale, Universitätsbibliothek Sachsen-Anthalt
D-SWl Schwerin, Landesbibliothek Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
EIRE (Ireland)
EIRE-Dtc Dublin, Trinity College
F (France)
F-Pn Paris, Bibliothèque nationale
GB (Great Britain)
GB-A Aberdeen, University Library
GB-Ada Aberdeen, Episcopal Diocese, Diocesan Archives
GB-Ap Aberdeen, City Library
GB-anon. anonymous owner
GB-BA Bath, Central Library
GB-Bp Birmingham, Public Library
GB-Bu Birmingham, University Library
GB-BRp Bristol, Central Library
GB-BUcribb Bury St. Edmunds, The Rev. N. L. Cribb
GB-Ce Cambridge, Emmanuel College
GB-Cfm Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum
GB-Ckc Cambridge, King’s College, Rowe Music Library
GB-Ctc Cambridge, Trinity College
GB-Cu Cambridge, University Library
GB-Cwc Cambridge, Westminster College
GB-CAlsl Canterbury, Local Studies Library
GB-CHEro Chester, City Record Office
GB-CHF Chesterfield, Central Library
GB-CONdrage Congleton (Cheshire), Sally Drage
GB-CORglover Corby (Leicestershire), Susan Glover
GB-DOcm Dorchester (Dorset), Dorset County Museum
GB-DRc Durham, Cathedral Library
GB-DU Dundee, Public Library
GB-En Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland
GB-Enc Edinburgh, New College Library
GB-Ep Edinburgh, Central Public Library
GB-Er Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh, Reid Music Library
GB-Ero Edinburgh, Scottish Record Office
GB-Etc Edinburgh, Theological College
GB-EXro Exter, Devon record Officce
GB-Ge Glasgow, University of Glasgow, Euing Music Library
GB-Gm Glasgow, Mitchell Library
GB-Gu Glasgow, University Library
GB-GL Gloucester, Cathedral Library
GB-HORboston Horsham (Norfolk), The Rev. Jonathan Boston
GB-Lam London, Royal Academy of Music
GB-Lbl London, British Library
GB-Lbs London, British and Foreign Bible Society
GB-Lbuckle London, Janet Buckle
GB-Lch London, Christ’s Hospital
GB-Lcm London, Royal College of Music
GB-Lco London, Royal College of Organists
GB-Ldc London, Dulwich College
GB-Ldw London, Dr. Williams’s Library
GB-Lg London, Guildhall Library
GB-Llp London, Lambeth Palace Library
GB-Lmt London, Minet Library
GB-Lsa London, Society of Antiquaries
GB-LspLondon, St. Paul’s Cathedral
GB-Lu London, University of London
GB-LCu Leicester, University Library
GB-LEbc Leeds, University of Leeds, Brotherton Library
GB-LVc Liverpool, Cathedral
GB-LVp Liverpool, Public Library
GB-Mp Manchester, Central Public Library
GB-Mu Manchester, University L:ibrary
GB-MAcks Maidstone (Kent), Centre for Kentish Studies
GB-NHp Northampton, Public Library
GB-NHro Northampton, Northamptonshire County Record Office
GB-NOp Nottingham, University Library
GB-Ob Oxford, University of Oxford, Bodleian Library
GB-Occ Oxford, Christ Church
GB-Omac Oxford, Manchester College
GB-Oqc Oxford, Queen’s College
GB-Orc Oxford, Regnt’s Park College
GB-PB Peterborough, Cathedral
GB-Rp Reading, Public Library
GB-ROM Romsey, M.D.G.Moon
GB-SA St. Andrews, University Library
GB-SEVjeffery Sevenoaks (Kent), Douglas A. Jeffery
GB-SHp Sheffield, Central Library
GB-T Tenbury, St. Michael’s College
GB-Wc Winchester, Cathedral
GB-WAro Warwick, Warwickshire County Record Office
GB-WIDc Widdecombe (Devon), parish church
GB-WIGro Wigston Magna (Leicestershire), Leicestershire County Record OfficeGB-Y York, Minster Library
I (Italy)
I-TRmn Trento, Museo nationale
US (United States)
US-AA Ann Arbor (Michigan), University of Michigan, Clements Library
US-AB Albany (New York), New York State Library
US-ARDzinman Ardsley (New York), Michael Zinman
US-ATet Atlanta (Georgia), Emory University, Pitts Theology Library
US-AVONkeith Avondale Estates (Georgia), E. D. Keith
US-Ba Boston (Massachusetts), Boston Athenaeum Library
US-Bc Boston, New England Conservatory of Music
US-Bh Boston, Harvard Musical Association
US-Bhs Boston, Massachusetts Historical Society
US-Bp Boston, Public Library
US-BAhs Baltimore, Maryland Historical Society
US-BE Berkeley (California), University of California, Music Library
US-BGR Bowling Green (Kentucky), Western Kentucky University
US-BU Buffalo (New York), Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
US-Cn Chicago (Illinois), Newberry Library
US-Cu Chicago, University of Chicago, Regenstein Library
US-CA Cambridge (Massachusetts), Harvard University
US-CDhs Concord (New Hampshire), New Hampshire Historical Society
US-CHua Charlottesville (Virginia), University of Virginia
US-CIp Cincinnati (Ohio), Public Library
US-DEER Deerfield (Massachusetts): Pocumtuck Valley Library
US-DEShd Des Moines (Iowa), Iowa State Historical Department
US-Eg Evanston (Illinois), Garrett Theological Seminary
US-FW Fort Worth (Texas), Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary
US-GO Goshen (Indiana), Goshen College, Mennonite Historical Library
US-Hhs Hartford (Connecticut), Connecticut Historical Society
US-Hm Hartford, Hartford Seminary Foundation, Case Memorial Library
US-Hs Hartford, Connecticut State Library
US-Hw Hartford, Trinity College, Watkinson Library
US-HA Hanover (New Hampshire), Dartmouth College, Baker Library
US-HB Harrisonburg (Virginia), Eastern Mennonite College
US-IO Iowa City (Iowa), University of Iowa
US-Lu Lawrence (Kansas), University of Kansas
US-LAu Los Angeles (California), University of California
US-LAuc Los Angeles, University of California, Clark Memorial Library
US-LEX Lexington (Kentucky), University of Kentucky
US-ME Meadville (Pennsylvania), Allegheny College
US-MH Manhattan (Kansas), Kansas State University
US-Nf Northampton (Massachusetts), Forbes Library
US-NBs New Brunswick (New Jersey), New Brunswick Theological Seminary
US-NBu New Brunswick, Rutgers University
US-NH New Haven (Connecticut), Yale University
US-NORts New Orleans (Louisiana), New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
US-NYch New York (New York), Cooper-Hewitt Library
US-NYhs New York, New York Historical Society
US-NYp New York, New York Public Library
US-NYpm New York, Pierpont Morgan Library
US-NYts New York, Union Theological Seminary
US-NYtsm New York, General Theological Seminary, St. Mark’s Library
US-Pc Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Carnegie Library
US-Ps Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
US-Pu Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh
US-PHci Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Curtis Institute of Music
US-PHf Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia
US-PHhs Philadelphia, Historical Society of Pennsylvania
US-PHkm Philadelphia, Lutheran Theological Seminary
US-PHlc Philadelphia, Library Company of Philadelphia
US-PHphs Philadelphia, Presbyterian Historical Society
US-PHu Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
US-PRleaver Princeton (New Jersey), Robin A. Leaver
US-PRs Princeton, Princeton Theological Seminary
US-PROu Providence (Rhode Island), Brown University
US-R Rochester (New York), Eastman School of Music, Sibley Library
US-SA Salem (Massachusetts), Essex Institute
US-SClauters Sacramento (California), Stuart Lauters
US-SEWherl Seward (Nebraska), Joseph Herl
US-SLhs St. Louis (Missouri), Missouri Historical Society
US-SM San Marino (California), Huntington Library
US-SPD Springfield (Massachusetts), Public Library
US-TA Tallhassee (Florida), Florida State University
US-U Urbana (Illinois), University of Illinois
US-Utemperley Urbana, Nicholas Temperley
US-Wc Washington (District of Columbia), Library of Congress
US-Ws Washington, Folger Shakespeare Library
US-Wsc Washington, Scottish Rite Masons Supreme Council
US-WAT Waterville (Maine), Colby College
US-WC Waco (Texas), Baylor University
US-WGc Williamsburg (Virginia), College of William and Mary
US-WI Williamstown (Massachusetts), Williams College
US-WOa Worcester (Massachusetts), American Antiquarian Society
US-WS Winston-Salem (North Carolina), Moravian Music Foundation